Data and analytics

FreeStations sending data recently. 
Data calibration, visualisation and download: This page provides access to our calibration app and to web based analytical tools for visualising and analysing your FreeStation or FreeSensor data.  See our FreeStation FAQ to submit or review answers to commonly asked questions.

Generation 2.0 (Particle)
The analytical platform for FreeStation 2.0 data is called //Smart:.  
  • To use //Smart: build a FreeStation, upload the FreeStation firmware and  start collecting data. 
  • Generate a //Smart: console for your station here to view, analyse and manage your station. 
  • Use the //Smart: API to access your data and carry out analyses as described here
  • To manually upload data from a Freelay (field to internet data relay) or SD card backup click here.  
  • Examples of //Smart: consoles are here: //Smart:River | //Smart:Soil | //Smart:Water | //Smart:Weather
Generation 1.0 (Arduino)
If you have a Generation 1.0 (Arduino) FreeStation or FreeSensor click here to upload and calibrate retrieved data.  and for a Google Drive based analytical tool use the following links: