FreeStation Connect allows those needing FreeStations and FreeSensors for non-commercial research, advocacy, education and environmental management uses, to connect with those willing to build them.  The following terms of engagement apply:
  • Those receiving FreeStations and FreeSensors must comply with the FreeStation collaboration agreement
  • The supplier or receiver may cover the costs of the FreeStation parts
  • Build labour is normally volunteered
  • The receiver must send UPS, FEDEX, DHL or other courier to collect the built station and must cover the costs (including any import duties).  Alternatively the receiver may collect the station in person or the supplier may carry out and install the station as part of the research collaboration.
The FreeStation team connect those in need of stations with those able to help build them independently or during one of our periodic wire-athons.  A wire-athon is a periodic community volunteer build of instruments and stations at an organised event.

If you need a FreeStation or FreeSensor and cannot build it yourself, complete this form to join FreeStation Connect.  If you wish to volunteer to build contact