FreeStation would like to thank the open source Linux, Arduino, ESP8266, Particle and hardware communities for inspiration and support provided. FreeStation is a joint effort of many.  See our FreeStation FAQ to submit or review answers to commonly asked questions.

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FreeStation terms and conditions:
  • FreeStation is a research collaboration not a commercial provision of hardware. We provide the means for you to build and use stations using our designs and platform.  In rare cases FreeStation and FreeSensor hardware can be made available for free to researchers and NGOs according to the conditions set out in our collaboration agreement which include commitments to deploy and maintain the stations, share data and collaborate on publication.
  • FreeStation and FreeSensor designs are made available freely for non-commercial or commercial use with the following conditions.  Any organisation using, modifying and/ or selling on our open source designs, whether for profit or not, must abide by these conditions.
    • Users/makers must retain the FreeStation/FreeSensor name on the equipment and run the FreeStation/FreeSensor firmware provided. If you change the firmware then we cannot provide support or calibration. 
    • Any third party modifications to our open source designs must also be open sourced and should maintain a high quality and robust station. 
    • FreeStation is not responsible for any loss or injury  associated with your use of our designs