Installing and using FreeStations

Here you can find installation and maintenance and use instructions for FreeStations and FreeSensors.  These should be followed carefully, in order to collect long-term, high quality data, whether you are working with a station from us or have built it yourself.  The generation 3.0 (ESP32 and Raspberry Pi Pico) builds are current and in active development and are the default going forward.  The generation 2.0 (Particle) and generation 1.0 (Arduino) builds will not be developed further.  Use the correct instructions for the FreeStation and FreeSensors that you have.  See our FreeStation FAQ to submit or review answers to commonly asked questions.

Using FreeStation Generation 3.0 (ESP32)

G3 documentation is in development.  Do not use whilst this notice is in place.  Expected completion Jan 2024.

Using FreeStation Generation 2.0 (Particle)