EduStation aims to develop dense long term meteorological networks based in schools and, at the same time, encourage valuable IT and environmental training for the next generation of environmental scientists:
  • The school builds the station(s) using our low-cost, open source designs and Computing and Technology lesson plans
  • The school installs and maintains the station on a flat roof or other suitable space within the grounds, connecting it to their WIFI network.  The station writes data in real time to
  • The school uses the data, in combination with data from other EduStations, using our Geography and Environmental Science lessons plans
  • A station in even 1% of schools would be a dense network of stations and would help to counteract the global decline in ground based monitoring networks that is occurring at exactly the time we need them the most and would cover the (largely urban) areas that host the majority of the world's human population

The global distribution of schools according to Open Street Map (OSM)